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Tuesday, October 9 at 3:15 - 4:15 p.m.

Talent Management

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Walking on Eggshells: Effective Management of Internal Pay Equity

Headline news about claims of pay disparity based on gender or race can shatter a hard-earned, trusting employer-employee relationship, deeply tarnish an institution’s community and alumni image, and significantly impact the institution’s economics. Federal and state legislation in the past 10 years has emboldened employees to initiate and pursue such claims. This presentation and panel discussion will share how higher education institutions have proactively organized their compensation program’s design, administration and on-going analytics to successfully avoid unintended pay disparities. Panelists will share specific steps to create and maintain an analytical process to proactively manage internal pay equity, and if necessary, prepare for outside challenges.

Ron Watson, Associate Vice President for University Human Resources, Oakland University; Myrna Hellerman, Senior Vice President, and Moshe Mayefsky, Senior Consultant, both of Sibson Consulting