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Monday, October 8 at 11:00 a.m. - noon

HR Strategy

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Fixer Upper: Renovating the HR Website

"We take the worst website in the best organization and turn it into our employees' dream." This statement may be a little bold, but we can all agree that many HR websites can use a renovation. Websites serve as the main source of information dissemination for most organizations; some companies function solely through their websites; and most Americans use websites for everything from shopping to submitting their taxes. Often, however, organizations that claim to be devoted to their employees do not have user-friendly internal websites. Employees can become so frustrated with searching for the information they need that they give up and resort to calling someone in HR. It's time to take the HR website down to the studs and nails and build something that employees can use with ease.

Tami Nutt, Manager of Employee Experience and Engagement; and Tim Webb, Manager of Talent Acquisition, both of Baylor University