Concurrent Sessions

Day and Time
Tuesday, October 22 at 11:00 a.m. - noon


Strategic Leadership

Summit 2/3

AI Everywhere: The Ethical Impact of New Tech

The world is changing, and that change is being driven by intelligent, data-fueled technologies. They are evolving the way we behave in our homes, public places, vehicles, work spaces, and with respect to our bodies, pastimes, associates, and professional roles.

While we’re already experiencing the undeniable benefits of new tech, it is critical that we diligently anticipate bad uses and poor outcomes too. Where technologies can express bias, detect emotion, spread misinformation, shepherd choice, and assist with serious decisions relating to everything from health to hiring, it is critical we have a free and open conversation about their impact on all our lives.

This talk will examine some of the key ethical concerns dominating current conversations about tech, as well as AI's impact on the future of HR.

Fiona McEvoy, Writer, Researcher and Founder of